Ready to Volunteer this Holiday Season?

The Holidays are a Great Time to Volunteer, but...

Most positions are filled months before December and regular volunteers are often relied on for the popular shifts so everything goes smoothly when it gets most chaotic. However, there is a better way to give back meaningfully.

Volunteer When it's Needed Most: Join Volunteer Toronto's Winter Response Team

Many non-profits experience a shortage of volunteers from January to March, especially in programs
that help people during the cold weather. Support these issues in Toronto by signing up or donating to
our Winter Response Team:

Social isolation and
mental health

and housing

Daily food

Receive e-blasts with the most in need volunteer roles from January-March

Volunteers Who Have Been There

Jacob knows last year in Toronto was tough for the homeless. He wants to help this year, so he's decided to sign up for the Winter Response Team in order to receive updates on the most in need roles in the city during the coldest months.

Alex wants to give back in a meaningful way but isn’t available in January as they're heading back to school. They decide to donate to an important cause instead knowing they’ll use the gift when it’s needed most. 

Luise wants to teach her family the importance of giving back this holiday season. Unfortunately there isn’t a perfect volunteer role available during December. Instead, she's looking for small ways to give back to their community—like writing letters to thank their postal worker, TTC drivers, and crosswalk guards. 

Volunteer When it's Needed Most

Receive e-blasts with the most in need volunteer roles from January-March