Drive Conversions, Not Just Clicks

Let us build beautiful landing pages specifically designed to drive measurable return from your free Google advertising

Step 1 - Research Keywords

We research keywords relevant to your campaign and use your Google Grant to put ads in front of those searches. For example, let's look at a campaign to sell Nutcracker Ballet tickets.

The Nutcracker Ballet – Live In Theatre
A timeless classic. Get your tickets to The Nutcracker Ballet before it’s too late.

Step 2 - Write Specific Ads

We write ads containing your keywords to make it match closely with how people search. This makes your ad relevant to what they're looking for and increases clicks on your ads.

Step 3 - Build Landing Page

We create landing pages that are specifically matched to the keywords and ads to make the content relevant to what they were searching for. The pages are designed to drive visitors to complete a conversion, whether it's a ticket sale or email sign-up.

Why Have Us Build Landing Pages?

Reduce Bounce Rate

Research shows that people decide in less than 6 seconds whether a page is relevant.

We create landing pages specifically matched to your keywords and ad text. This makes the content immediately relevant to their search to minimize bounce rate.

Get More Conversions

Web pages have too many elements distracting from the main call-to-action.

We design pages that focus 100% on driving the conversion by removing "friction" such as navigation bars, outbound links, and multiple call-to-actions.

Increase Your Ad's Rankings

The relevancy of your landing page impacts how well your ads rank.

We embed your keywords within the headline and content of your landing pages to maximize your ad ranking. That means more clicks on your ads.

Enhance Your Visitor's Trust

Visually appealing pages enhance trust with your visitors.

We make beautiful pages that create a trustworthy first impression. We also add trust indicators like testimonials, real results, or user ratings.

Optimize The Mobile Experience

Half of all Google searches now happen on mobile devices.

We build mobile-responsive landing pages that look good on phones and tablets.

Improve Messaging Through A/B Testing

Landing pages can always be improved to drive more call-to-action completions.

We run A/B tests on every landing page to figure out what leads to conversions.

The San Jose Youth Symphony saw a 13.6% conversion rate for tickets sales using our landing pages

Maximize your return from Google Grants with converting landing pages