The Google Ads strategy that led to a 56% increase in scheduled goods donations.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago

About The Nonprofit

The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago is an Illinois not-for-profit organization serving 43 counties, offering counseling, advocacy and educational services to people with epilepsy, their families, and the communities in which they live. The foundation has a used goods donation program where they schedule donation pick-ups and drop-offs within the Chicago area.

What Their Goals Were

The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago came to ConnectAd to increase the impact of their core programs by receiving more donated used goods that can be sold in their thrift store.

“The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago has greatly benefited from partnering with Simon Choy at ConnectAd to professionally manage our Google AdWords campaign. Simon and ConnectAd provide the expertise and knowledge to manage this part of our business so that we can focus more extensively on our mission. The results have been impressive.”

Kurt Florian
Former Executive Director of The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago

Our Custom Strategy

  1. Keyword Research: We researched keywords to find ones that people would be searching on google if they wanted to donate goods (ex. Drop-off donations, pick-up donations etc.).
  2. Building Ads: Our next step was building ads with strategic headlines and calls-to-action that were specific to what real people were searching for. We optimized the ad text to make it specific to the zip codes and dates that the truck operated on. Let’s say a truck operated in a specific area on a Wednesday. If a user searched for ‘pick-up donations’ on Wednesday in that area, they would see ad text that said “Pick-Up Donations This Wednesday”. By tailoring ad text to geo-targeted audiences based on the day of the week, we were able to see an increase in traffic and an increased click-through-rate on the website.
  3. Landing Page Creation: We created a landing page for the ads where people could see what donations were acceptable, use a finder feature to locate closest drop off points, and view the pickup schedule. You can view a demo of the page here:

Our Results

Overall, we saw a 56% increase in directly scheduled donation pickups. This didn’t include people who returned later to schedule a pickup, or went in person to drop-off their donation. Donation conversion rates also rose from 0.98% to 5.21%.

Since teaming up with Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago’s in 2017, their website has seen a 79.17% increase in new visitors.

Growing the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago’s goods donations had a huge impact on their organization, since the proceeds from selling the goods in their thrift store funded much needed programs.

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