In January 2012 we wrote an article projecting that online ad spending would surpass print. Today, this projection is looking more like reality as Statista and Mashable reported that Google’s global ad revenue surpassed the entire U.S. print media. Clearly the marketing industry is changing and the modern day nonprofit must change with it.
Google Ads Revenue
In the above chart, not only do we see Google’s online ad revenue exceeds print media for the first time, but also the clear trend of declining print advertising and rising online advertising.

Why Advertising Trends Matter To Nonprofits

1. For every marketing dollar spent on advertising, a greater portion is being invested online. Similarly, if your nonprofit spends marketing dollars on advertising, consider investing that money online instead of in print media. More companies are investing online for good reason; it generally provides better return as a result of greater reach and targeting.
2. Consider the shift of marketing dollars from print to online as an indication of where your consumers are and where you should be (in your case, consumers being service users and contributors). Even if your nonprofit doesn’t do any paid advertising, this has implications for your non advertising decisions.
For example, it may provide the basis for improving your website, changing your print newsletter to an electronic format, or using email campaigns instead of direct mail campaign. In fact if you did, you would be in good company. Kivi’s Nonprofit Marketing Guide did a 2012 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report and found that email marketing and websites were the most important tools for communication for nonprofits.

Taking Advantage Of Online Marketing

If your nonprofit is looking for other ways to be more effective online, here are a couple relevant articles to get you started:
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Does your nonprofit use print media and/or online media? Has one been more effective than the other? Let us know in the comments below.


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