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Where To Find Google Grants Help

Is your charity or nonprofit struggling to get more out of its Google Grant? Are you currently managing that grant and finding the task overwhelming? Do you find it difficult to know where to even begin when it comes to growing your grant?
Managing a Google Grant can be tricky business. Especially for those new to AdWords, the simple act of logging into your account and being inundated with data and charts can be intimidating.
My hope is to make this process easier for charities. Over the next couple months, I’ll be writing blog posts each week that dive into how to go about managing and growing a Google Grant account specifically.
For this week, let me leave you with a summary of the existing resources that can be of help to you and what’s good about each resource.
Google for Nonprofits Help Center
This is the official help center for the Google for Nonprofits program. It’s really like a FAQ database about the whole initiative, but what I’ve linked is the section that talks about the grant specifically. The information doesn’t go too in depth, but it would serve well as a start, particularly the section regarding “Tips for your Grants account
Google for Nonprofits Blog
This is Google’s official blog for the Grants program. While the focus is about updating grantees on the latest news, they have a sort of starter’s guide that’s useful and other posts that include tips.
Google Grants Help Center
This is the official help center for the Google Grants program. It differs from the Nonprofits Help Center because it has more detail about the Grants program itself. I would say it’s a bit more on the technical side (for ex. how do you do a specific action like create a negative keyword) instead of guiding you (for ex. you should use negative keywords to filter out unwanted clicks).
AdWords Help Forum
This is the official help center for Google AdWords. In terms of relevancy to those managing their Grants, it’s tougher to use because it contains a lot of the technical things you can do with AdWords. Many of those things are useful to grantees, it’s just that you’ll likely have to cover a lot of material to extract those gems. Moreover, it’s more geared towards for-profit companies using AdWords, which is related to but not exactly translatable to Grants. However, in my future posts I’ll be incorporating some of those concepts and framing it specifically to Google Grants.
Next Week
I’ll be talking about how running a Google Grants campaign is different from your typical AdWords campaign, why that matters and how it affects the strategy of running your Grant.

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