At ConnectAd, we keep saying: Your website is like your storefront, it showcases what you are about and what you do. You want people to see your charity’s storefront and want them to go inside so that they can learn more about what you’re offering. However, how you appear to visitors on the Internet at first glance can determine if people take a closer look at your charity. Your website’s first impression must engage the visitor so that they will want to delve deeper, get involved in your cause, and take the action that you are looking for as a result. How do you build this engaging website for your charity? Here are four tips that will help you along that path:


A picture is worth a thousand words


The images on your website should catch your audience’s attention and engage them. It should illicit an emotional response from the website visitor so that they stay on the website longer and will return to it more often to learn more about your organization and how they can help. Captivating and emotional imagery can result in calling people to take action and support your cause.


The world at a glance


The same can be said about headings, titles, and links on your website. When your audience scans through your website quickly to see if there’s anything interesting and worth reading, the headings, titles, and links should jump out at them, grab their attention, and form a connection with the reader. Lengthy paragraphs shouldn’t be on the home page since it isn’t likely to be read. Save all of that content for when people get interested and click on the links!


The 5-second pitch


Your charity’s website should be able to pitch what you’re all about in 5 seconds. Select a group of people who know nothing or next to nothing about your organization and its cause. Show them your website’s home page for 5 seconds and then quiz them about your organization and what they saw on your home page. Ask them about what you do, what your cause or mission is, what are your core values, who do you serve, and etc. If they aren’t getting it right, you should consider refocusing and reworking that home page so that they do get it right with a quick look.


VIP Content


Your website should show people what you are all about, what you are trying to do, and it should galvanize people into taking action to support your work. If the content doesn’t have this end goal in mind then it should be left out entirely. You need to prioritize what you put on your website since the Internet is a competitive place. There is so much information out there vying for people’s eyeballs and their attention. Keep things simple, keep everything’s purpose and function in mind, and keep prioritizing the content that adds value.




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