In today’s world of growing Internet usage and ever-changing web development it is difficult to know what tools and options are available and should be used. Social media is one of many web marketing options charitable organizations can choose to leverage. Social media is now the number one activity on the web. The numerous social media platforms in existence are increasingly the destination of many web users of all ages.

A large number of charities use blog publishing platforms, Twitter, and Facebook as part of their social media arsenal. Daily blog posts in addition to an organization’s regular website is a good way to publicize detailed and informative articles and press releases written by passionate staff members at a charity. However, getting eyeballs and garnering attention for these blog posts can be difficult at times. This is why charities should consider linking their blog’s RSS feeds to their Twitter and Facebook networks. Twitter and Facebook are two of the most popular social media platforms out there right now and they are both very good at building up huge networks of “followers” and “fans” respectively.

If my words have managed to convince you of the benefits of linking your blog posts to your Twitter and Facebook then you should take a look at TwitterFeed ( It makes the process much simpler. There is a quick and free account signup. Then you submit your RSS feed URL, authorize a connection to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, and voila it should start posting your blog posts and links to your other social media accounts. TwitterFeed even allows you to choose how often it should check the feed for blog posts. You can also choose which URL shortening tool to use. I chose because it gives me some web analytic information. TwitterFeed is definitely a good and useful tool for building links between blogging platforms and other social media accounts.


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