The Facts


As of Q1 of 2012, 17% of U.S. adult cell phone owners do most of their online browsing and surfing on their cell phone instead of using a desktop, laptop, or other device.  As of February 2012, 46% of all American adults owned a smartphone and as of August 2011, 50% of U.S. adult cell phone owners had apps on their phones.




Approximately 88% of U.S. adults own some sort of cell phone and 55% of these adult cell phone owners go online using their phones. People in this segment are called “cell internet users” and 31% of these cell internet users mostly go online using their cell phone rather than other devices like a desktop or laptop. This breaks down to about 17% of all adult cell phone owners being “cell internet users” who mainly surf the internet using their cell phones rather than other electronic devices.




There is a continued rise in mobile internet usage. People are gradually doing a lot more of their surfing on their phone because of the convenience factor. For example, the majority of 18-44 year olds are using their cell phones while lying in bed, while in the bathroom, and during meals with others. There is also a part of the cell internet user segment whose only method of internet access is via their cell phones.




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