There are a number of factors that affect how much of your Google Grant you spend each month, like the quality of your keywords or the CTR of your ads. How you budget your campaigns is another factor that could be limiting your ad spend. Fortunately, there’s something called shared budgets that will solve all your problems in a couple clicks.
What Is Shared Budget
Shared budget is an AdWords feature that lets you allocate spend across multiple campaigns instead of setting a budget for each campaign individually. This is extremely useful for Google Grants accounts because you can set all your campaigns to share your $330 budget. That way, AdWords will automatically allocate your funds where it’s needed, and you don’t have to worry about optimizing your budgeting.
How To Set Up Shared Budget
Shared budgets are simple to set up. Once you log into AdWords and navigate to the campaigns page, on the left-hand column you will see a tab called “Shared Library” (you may have to scroll down the screen). Once there, click on “Budgets” and then “+New Budgets”. This will allow you to set a shared budget amount and which campaigns to apply them to.
You can find the “Shared Library” tab at the bottom left of your screen.
When Not To Use Shared Budget
If there are certain campaigns that are especially important, you can prioritize them by not including it in the shared budget. Instead, set an individual budget so that you make sure ad spend is dedicating to that campaign.


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