Online display advertising is a broad category consisting of banner, image, and video ads. The Google Display Network is the online display advertising arm of Google’s advertising business and it excludes the core Google Search Engine part of the business. Here are some factors about the Google Display Network that you should take into consideration when your organization is deciding if it should advertise with Google and its partner sites.




Google has the world’s largest display advertising network. This network consists of over two million partner websites such as USA Today and the New York Times. It also includes big name Google properties like YouTube, Blogger, and Gmail. Google’s display advertising has a reach of 90% of all internet users and 180 billion ad impressions per month.


Revenues and Growth


In Q1 of 2012, the Google Display Network brought in $2.9 billion of revenue for Google on top of the $7 billion of revenue that Google already makes from its Google Search business. Google’s display advertising network has seen 1% growth in revenue and 0.7% growth in profit quarter-over-quarter as of Q1 of 2012.




Although cost-per-click (CPC) can vary widely due to how you choose to target your audience and advertiser competition, the average CPC on the Google Display Network is $0.75. As a benchmark, the average click through rate for banner ads in the United States is 0.1%. Google’s network outperforms this benchmark by having a click through rate of 0.4%.




An audience can be targeted via several options on the Google Display Network. People can be targeted based on their interests, location, demographic, keywords, and through remarketing. The remarketing targeting option allows advertisers to show their ads to users who have visited the advertiser’s site before while the users browse the web. The Google Display Network also advertises via mobile phones.




There are a variety of ad formats to choose from on Google’s display advertising network:


1. Text Ads

2. Image Ads

3. Ads in Video Clips

4. Ads on Mobile Web/Games




Overall, the Google Display Network has a broad reach and is extensive allowing your organization to advertise on a large variety of partner websites and Google properties. It is well-rounded giving advertisers a lot of choice in terms of ad targeting and ad formats. Google has also added a whole new frontier by going mobile. In terms of in-depth analysis and performance measurement, advertisers have access to the power of Google Analytics and a suite of other Google products.


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