The new One Today by Google app strives to help donors and nonprofits connect on a daily basis by encouraging the app user to contribute $1 to a cause with one simple click of a button.
How does it work?
One Today by Google displays a new nonprofit each day with a clear description of the nonprofit, stunning visuals, and an explanation of how a donation will be used to make a difference. Users choose to donate to whichever cause inspires them. The more frequently a donor donates the more the app learns about their preferences. This helps the app recommend daily nonprofits that are similar to ones the user has given to in the past and have a personal appeal to the specific donor. Thus, making it more likely that particular donor will donate again.
There is a social and crowdsourcing aspect to One Today by Google as well. A user’s $1 donation can be shared via social media in an effort to encourage friends to donate. A donation’s impact can be amplified when donors match donations made by their friends and vice versa.
Donations are made using Google Wallet. Google takes a 1.9% credit card fee using this service, but it handles all of the processing and donation routing for the app user. The donations are also tax deductible.
How do nonprofits sign-up?
Nonprofits can get their initiatives and projects featured on the One Today by Google app by registering for Google for Nonprofits first and then enrolling their nonprofit for the One Today by Google product. The Google for Nonprofits program is available only in the US for nonprofits holding 501(c)(3) status. Go to this link to register for Google for Nonprofits and enroll in the One Today by Google:
Once enrollment in the app is approved, it takes only a couple minutes to setup a project to be featured on the app. The app introduces nonprofits to people who are likely to donate due to their interests, preferences, and past donations. This app opens up a new platform for nonprofits to tell their compelling story and generate social media buzz within the mobile device audience segment.
Where can users get it?
Want to get your hands on this app and start micro-donating to causes you care about? The One Today by Google app is available for Android users in the US on an invite-only basis right now. Go to this link to request an invite:

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  • Avatar
    Amanda Armstrong
    June 13, 2013 2:33 pm

    This is really neat!!! Thanks for sharing? Any insight in to when Canadian organizations and individuals will be able to sign up/download the app? 🙂


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