Charities are typically concerned with two factors when dealing with their operational issues. How can we find more exposure and more funding? Today, many charities are turning to the Internet and digital strategies that may give them the public awareness and donations they need to continue doing good. One method explored by charities are online videos that can share the charity’s compelling story and content concisely while trying to raise funds from viewers who may be persuaded to make a donation.


A recent YouTube channel called VISO Give makes the search for more eyeballs and dollars simpler. It aggregates existing video content created by charities onto the channel. It sorts the videos by organization name and type of cause for the audience’s viewing pleasure. The channel is opening an opportunity for charities to tap into a bigger audience and to convert video viewership into real dollars.


VISO Give is provided by BroadbandTV and its consumer division, VISO, brings in more than 1 billion impressions through YouTube. This wider audience will hopefully spill over to VISO Give and address a charity’s need for public exposure. Also, 60% of a charity’s associated ad revenue is donated to the charity while 40% is reinvested into the channel by VISO Give. Now video viewers can indirectly donate to charities simply by watching a video on VISO Give thus helping address a charity’s need for funding.


VISO Give is able to help viewers find videos of their favourite causes while helping charities get that coveted exposure and funding from a much larger audience than they are used to getting if they had simply posted a video on YouTube and left it there for people to search for it in the conventional sense.


Source: VISO Give


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