Mobile. All Day. Every Day.
It is becoming easier to communicate with people through their mobile devices than through actual face-to-face interaction. People have their mobile devices glued to their hands these days. The average American spends 2.7 hours of their 24-hour day socializing on their mobile device. Also, 91% of the time spent on the internet on a mobile phone is for accessing social networks. Now compare that to the 79% of the time spent on a desktop’s internet browser accessing social networks. If you thought social networking on the computer was a big deal well people checking in on their social networks with the simple touch or selection of an app on their phone is an even bigger deal. Mobile device internet usage is a daily thing for many people. Why wait until you get home to the desktop or worry about turning on the laptop when you can just pull out your smartphone from your pocket to surf the web. It has been recorded that half of all local searches are being performed on the browsers of mobile devices.
Social Butterflies.
So Facebook is a giant in the social networking scheme of things. There have been blog posts right here on the ConnectAd Idea Board about it. There are more than 600 million Facebook users at the moment and that number is probably growing by the minute. Well 1/3 of those 600 million Facebook users utilize Facebook Mobile, an app that let’s them jump onto Facebook on their phone and use pretty much all of the regular desktop/laptop browser functions of Facebook.
Then there are the Twitterers and their up-to-the-minute tweets. Twitter has give or take 165 million users and about 50% of them use Twitter Mobile. There are also some other apps and tools that can sync with Twitter and let people tweet from their phones.
With the rich content on the internet these days, both professionally produced and user generated, how can mobile users resist streaming audio and video on their mobile devices? Youtube is the big player in this arena and it has reported that there are 200 million plus Youtube views occurring on mobile devices on a daily basis.
The Popular Kids
Who are the popular kids driving this mobile socialization? Well young people are a big part of it. About 90% of 18-29 year olds own a cellular phone. They are also more likely to use mobile data and mobile applications when compared to other age groups. Also, 19% of those 18-29 year old cell phone users have reported sending in donations via text message. However, the most active group when it comes to mobile socialization and mobile networking are women ages 35-54.
Get Mobile. Get Social.
Considering that so many people are on their mobile devices networking with each other all the time, maybe it is time your charity looked into a mobile-friendly digital strategy that will capture the attention of mobile device and mobile internet users. Mobile devices and social media go hand in hand these days and a variety of age groups are already on board. Donation leads, promotion and awareness, communication, or some other end goal, mobile socialization can help with all of these and more.


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