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5 Ways To Manage Google Grants More Efficiently Using AdWords Editor

Last week I wrote about whether you should upgrade your Google Grants to enhanced campaigns. I mentioned that a new version of AdWords Editor, Google’s software for AdWords management, was coming out that would let you upgrade all your campaigns in just a few clicks. Well, AdWords Editor 10.0.1 is out now and in honor of its launch, here are 5 ways you can manage your grants campaigns more efficiently using Adwords Editor.

Quick Upgrade To Enhanced Campaigns

A new feature in 10.0.1, you can now modify your campaign settings to enable or disable enhanced campaign status in a few clicks. Especially for charities who may be running a lot of campaigns, this is a time saver as you would otherwise have to upgrade each one individually.

Easy Bulk Changes

Making bulk changes using AdWords Editor is as easy as copy and paste. For example, say you wanted to spin off a number of keywords from an ad group into its own unique group. All you have to do is create a new ad group, select the keywords you want to move, and either cut and paste them in or click and drag them to the new group. The process is similarly easy if you want to bulk edit ad text, ad groups, and campaigns.
While these functions are all doable using the web interface, the process is a lot messier and takes more time.

Experiment Offline Before Changing Online

In AdWords Editor, every change you make is done offline until you choose to publish them online. This is really beneficial if you want to experiment with how you structure your account without actually affecting what’s happening online. For example, if you have a large group of keywords and are unsure of how to divide them into ad groups, you could try several scenarios and see how it looks. When you’re happy with the end product, all you do is click publish and the changes are done at once.

Revert Changes

Let’s be honest, one of the greatest computer functions ever is ctrl+z shortcut to undo changes (otherwise known as the panic button when things go wrong). Using AdWords Editor, it’s simple to either undo your last change or to right-click on a change and revert it to its original state. This feature isn’t possible using the web interface, and it’s nice to have on those occasions you make mistakes.

Remove Duplicate Keywords

Duplicate keywords are harmful to your account as they will essentially compete against each other, which is pointless. It also gives you less control over which ad text in which campaign is shown, because Google will simply display the best performing version. The remove duplicates feature in AdWords Editor compiles all the duplicate keywords so you can choose which ones to get rid off.

Last Thoughts

There’s a bit of a learning curve when you start out using AdWords Editor. The web interface alone is daunting enough, and using the software is like getting used to a new system. However, the long term benefits are well worth the effort, as you will start managing your campaigns more efficiently and effectively.

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