All charity websites want to be successful in driving traffic, facilitating engagement, and encouraging action. Well, the now ubiquitous Facebook Like Button can help you achieve some of these goals. There have been reports of 200%-500% increases in traffic and up to 85% more time spent on a charity’s website by people who utilize the Facebook Like button.


If you are not familiar, the Like button is usually a small rectangular button at the top or bottom of a body of content on your charity’s website that allows users to share interesting content with their Facebook friends with the simple click of the button. Usually beside the Like button it tells you how many people have already Liked the content, but the cool thing is that it also hyperlinks the names of your friends who have clicked Like for that content. This builds an instant recognition and connection between you and the content being shared. This targets the engagement of people who are curious about what their friends are interested in and Liking. The best part is the potential that Facebook has to promote your website’s content. There are just so many people who have a Facebook account these days and approximately 50% of them return on a weekly basis to check their account. So when your website visitors share what they are interested in by clicking the Like button on your website you can be sure that you will be benefiting from the fact that those Likes will appear on Facebook Newsfeeds and Walls. This links even more visitors back to your charity’s website.


Now you are probably wondering how to capture all the potential that the Facebook Like button provides. You can start by using some of the Facebook plug-ins ( It is best to start with the Like button. Placing the button near interesting and engaging content will give you the best results. Make sure it isn’t too cluttered around the button because it is pretty small and can get lost in the clutter. Finally, you can move onto some of the more complex plug-ins like the Activity Feed plug-in. This will help highlight the most popular content on your website and increase Facebook Page views. Take some of these easy steps and you will be on your way to making your website much more socially engaging.


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