On September 17, Simon and I were lucky enough to be invited to the one year anniversary celebrations of the launch of the Google Engage for Agencies program here in Canada. It was an occasion that both applauded the past year’s achievements and enlightened its guests in regards to the future direction of digital advertising. There were some riveting Canadian specific statistics that the Google team shared with us that day. I tried to capture the highlights of their presentation via camera phone and will share them with you in this blog post.


See Simon’s intense focus while I live tweet the event to our Twitter followers.


The stats zoom in on how and how much Canadians use the Internet, smartphones, online videos, and social media. The numbers show that a large portion of our population has access to the Internet and are online often. We also make a huge number of searches per month for a population of only 30 million. Just by looking at “The Canadian Digital Audience” slide below, you can see that Canadians are very much hooked up to the digital age. For example: The number of hours we spend online per week are some of the highest in the world!!



Now onto the smartphone usage in Canada. As you can see, many of us will never be caught dead without our smartphones. We pretty much take them everywhere with us. They’re with us in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, washroom, office, gym, restaurant, grocery store, park, and other places I’m sure. Smartphones have enabled us to have a mini-computer with decent battery life and processing power to always be on our persons ready to search for information online.



If you were wishing social networks were a fad, well you’re about to be disappointed. Social networks continue to grow. More than half of our population have profiles and are on social networks. It has remained popular because it is an additional forum and outlet in our society for people to connect and communicate while spending so much time online.

Video is being pointed to as the future direction of online technology and digital advertising. It won’t be the streaming and buffering struggle that it is today. Watching videos on your smartphone will be a simple mundane act in the future. According to Google, 25 million Canadians watch online videos every month. Online videos can reach 91% of the Canadian population. This is 7.9 billion videos being watched every month and 30 hours of online videos per person per month. Those are just huge numbers for Canada and if that’s where the people are then I’m sure the advertisers won’t be far behind. Keep an eye out for development in this field in the near future!


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