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Grow Your Charity’s Social Media Using Google Grants

Google Grants is a versatile marketing tool that can help your charity in many ways, like increasing fundraising and awareness. As it turns out, your $10,000 per month can even grow your social media following.

This works by bringing in relevant traffic using your Google ads and converting engaged users into followers. Here are some ways you can achieve this.

Embed Videos In Your Content

Embedding videos right inside your content is a fantastic way to grow your YouTube or Vimeo channel. One of the charities we work with did this and their average video plays grew an astonishing three times as a result.

This is something your charity can achieve too by adding a video to the landing page of your ad. Make sure that the clip relates to the keywords you used so that the searcher finds it relevant. This will increase the likelihood that the visitor continues to engage with your site and video channel.

Make Following Easy Through Visible Icons

The easier it is for someone to follow you, the more likely it is that they will. This is especially important in the digital world where people’s attention can shift quickly. Ensure that you have social media icons on every page of your website, preferably in a visible location like the header.

Feature The Follow On Your Homepage

Another way to make it easy for visitors to follow is by featuring it on your homepage. Here is an example of a charity, Autism Canada, that does it well by creating a call-to-action in a slider on their homepage. This makes it extremely noticeable, and explicitly asking for the follow can actually affect a person’s choice to do so.

Screenshot of Autism Canada

Request Follows In Content

This is especially relevant if your charity blogs, but anyone can ask visitors inside content to follow them via a social media channel. Similar to the previous point, asking for that follow can make it more likely. Then, anytime your Google Grants drives traffic to your website, they may read your content and see that call-to-action.

Last Thoughts

Of course there’s no guarantees that Google Grants will lead to a larger social media presence. However, if you’re driving thousands of unique visitors every month, it’s in your best interest to do the things that will make it easier, and therefore more likely, for people to follow you.

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