Google Grants Alert: Nonprofit Grantees Must Renew Their Grants


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Google Grants Renewal Policy

On the heels of a change to their website advertising policy, Google Grants has issued another change to their free nonprofit advertising program. This time, they are instituting a policy where grantees must renew their grant, likely on a yearly basis.

grantees must renew their grant, likely on a yearly basis

The renewal process is required by any grantee that has participated for more than 6 months in the program. While some details are still forthcoming, the process includes filling out a form that include:

– an updated proof of nonprofit status

– your AdWords Customer ID

– your most recent nonprofit organization and contact information.

The changes are expected to come into place in July, and implemented on a rolling basis.

To find out more about the new renewal policy, please visit Google’s Renewal Policy FAQ page.

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