Just when you thought Google for Nonprofits coming to Canada was too good to be true, Grantspro comes back into your life. That’s right! Grantspro, the advanced-level upgrade to Google Ad Grants, is available to Ad Grant-using nonprofits again. After a lengthy hiatus, the program is once again accepting applications online. Grantspro offers an increased ad spend cap to Google Ad Grants users who meet certain eligibility and advertising performance requirements. What’s the difference between Google Ad Grants and Grantspro and how much of an increase? Grantspro gives nonprofits and charities who use Google Ad Grants an additional $30,000 every month on top of the Google Ad Grants’ existing limit of $10,000 per month. This means your nonprofit can be using up to $40,000 per month in free advertising if you qualify for the program. That’s a potential AdWords advertising budget of $480,000 per year!
Program Eligibility
Nonprofits currently using Google Ad Grants and are utilizing the maximum $10,000 provided by the Ad Grants program consistently each month should consider looking over the Grantspro requirements below and apply ASAP! It may take up to 30 days to review your application.
– Installed conversion tracking and tracking at least one conversion successfully. For example, newsletter subscription, volunteer sign-up, online donation, or event registration.
– Hit your monthly budget cap (at least $9,900.00/month) for at least two different months over the past six month period (consecutive months not required).
– Maintained an average account level clickthrough-rate (CTR) of 1% or higher over the past six month period.
– Submit the online application detailing how you will use the increased advertising funding.
– Be in good standing with the Google Ad Grants program and abide by the program policies and guidelines.
– Dedicate a member of the organization to manage the account actively (minimum on a bi-weekly basis).
– Complete an annual survey and agree to share impact or conversion data.
Apply Today!
If your nonprofit is eligible for the program, please go to the Grantspro Application Process page and follow the instructions to upgrade your Google Ad Grants funding to Grantspro status.

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