Welcome To The Google Ad Grants Certified Professional Program

Google Ad Grants changed significantly this year. To aid with the changes, Google announced the launch of their Google Ad Grants Certified Professional Program. We’re ecstatic to announce that we are recipients of this professional designation.

What is the Google Ad Grants Certified Professional Program?

The Ad Grants Certified Professionals Community supports Grantees by connecting them with qualified professionals to help them get the most out of their ad grant. As part of the community, we have exclusive access to ongoing education and interactions with the Ad Grants team. Moreover, we provide guidance to future program strategy.

As a Certified Professional we have an ongoing feedback loop with the Ads Grants team and the opportunity to participate in betas and experiments.

Why ConnectAd?

There are 3 criteria Google looks for in order to receive this designation:

  1. Ad Grant Specialization and Experience
  2. Good Management/Stewardship
  3. Google Ad Grant Knowledge Assessment

For 8 years, our priority has been to provide excellent customer service and management of Google Ad Grants for our clients. We believe our efforts and dedication to the Grants program have prepared us to receive this designation today.

It’s a privilege to be part of a community that aligns so closely to our mission and values. While we are proud to receive the new certification as Google Ad Grants Professionals, it is the nonprofits we work with who will truly benefit. The year is almost over but we’re just getting started. We can’t wait to see their impact grow. Their success is our success – explore our ever-growing case studies page to learn how we’re supporting missions through marketing. 

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About Conversion Tracking

What is a conversion?

A conversion is defined as any action a user takes on your website that you deem valuable. For some, this is a donation, for others it’s a registration.

Why track conversions?

Tracking conversions is essential to the success of any digital marketing effort. If you don’t understand what actions are leading to growing your impact, you can’t effectively make the right decision to optimize for them.

How we track conversions

Our team will install and implement platforms such as Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to track and assess these metrics. Our best practices with this valuable data enables us to optimally manage your account.

The Role Of Your Account Manager

What is an Account Manager?

Each one of our clients is matched with a Dedicated Account Manager (AM), who is both your digital marketing expert and main point-of-contact.

What is their expertise?

Upon joining ConnectAd, all AMs go through an extensive training & certification program before managing nonprofit accounts. Additionally, AMs go through further training each week as part of our culture of learning so that they can continue to develop their skill set.

As a result, AMs become proficient in multiple areas of digital marketing to the benefit of our clients.

A $499 Setup Fee May Apply

Before you apply for the Google Ad Grant, nonprofits require:

  1. Access to an approved Techsoup account
  2. Access to an approved Google for Nonprofits account
If you have both of the above, we will waive the $499 setup fee and complete the rest of the Google Ad Grants application process on your behalf. If you already have the Google Grant but lost administrative access or has been deactivated, we will apply this fee toward helping you getting your account back and reactivated.

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