Today, our devices are always within arm’s reach giving us unparalleled access to information on the Internet from anywhere, at anytime. It’s all just at our fingertips. This constant online connection builds up an astronomical amount of data usage and digital activity. Every search made, every email message sent, every video uploaded, every blog posted, every piece of content shared, every tweet tweeted, and every online purchase made leaves behind a huge digital trail. A trail that is evidence of people’s online activity.


By the numbers:


– Google receives over 2 million search queries,
– Email users send 204,166,667 messages,
– Youtube users upload 48 hours of new video,
– WordPress users post 347 new posts,
– Facebook users share 648,478 pieces of content,
– Twitter users send over 100,000 tweets, and
– Consumers spend $272,070 on web purchases every minute of the day.


If your charity hasn’t been giving enough attention to your digital strategy, you might want to do so now. The above numbers displaying people’s digital usage can be seen as abundant evidence that people are definitely online and will continue to be on there for a long time to come. You need to get your charity’s information and compelling story before their eyes. The people are online, so where are you?


Source: Domo Infographic: Data Never Sleeps


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