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Link Roundup: The Complete Guide To The Google Ad Grant Program

Want to get up to speed on everything Google Ad Grants? Check out our link roundup for a comprehensive list of all the knowledge our team of Google Grant Certified Experts has shared on our blog about the Google Grants program. 

Learn about the history of the Google Ad Grants program, from its launch in 2003 to the more complex iteration of it today. In this post, we highlight some key changes and how they’ve impacted the Google Ad Grants community.


Do you know if the grant is right for your charity or nonprofit? Any qualifying nonprofit can advertise for free on Google’s platform, but many nonprofits jumping straight in find themselves in over their heads. Make sure your nonprofit is ready for the Google Ad Grant by checking off these 5 items.


We know that securing this grant isn’t always the easiest. The first hurdle is to get your nonprofit’s grant application approved by Google. If you are struggling with a Google Ad Grant Disapproval, this article is for you. https://connectad.ca/blog/5-reasons-for-google-ad-grant-disapproval/

You’ve finally qualified for the Google Grants program. What now? Take a look at our post on 10 tips for Google Ad Grant Management and ensuring your account is successful. 


An important aspect of the Google Grant program is maintaining compliance with program guidelines. Check out our guide to the Google Ad Grants Dashboard, a newly-launched tool that offers transparency and guidance on how to run a high-quality Ad Grants account.


Your website is the public face of your nonprofit’s digital marketing presence, and because of this, the Google Ad Grants program takes website quality pretty seriously. Read our two-part series on best practices and website optimizations to help ensure that your site is eligible for Google Ad Grants and compliant with the grantee policy.



An optimized landing page can be the deciding factor for whether your clicks result in conversions. In this blog, you’ll learn about the concept of landing pages and the basics of landing page optimization that can get you closer to the ultimate goal of increasing your valuable conversions.


We know that, unfortunately, COVID-19 has made strategically planning for your organization’s digital marketing efforts more difficult. That’s why we’ve published a guide on running your nonprofit virtually and an overview of how some of our nonprofit clients are using the Google Ad Grant to adapt and respond to the COVID-19 crisis effectively.



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