Everyone is talking about and engaged in social media and social networking all the time these days, but honestly they are GREAT ways to converse with your charitable organization’s target audience and manage your network contacts with donors, supporters, bloggers, and other influencers on the Web. No matter the popularity that digital social engagement has garnered, getting your charity’s Executive Director hooked onto social media and social networking can still be a bit difficult. Like many other leaders of organizations, no matter the size of the organization, your Executive Director is probably swamped with work and cannot take the time to write blog posts, reply to online messages, or respond to Facebook friend requests. This is where Twitter comes into the picture.


Twitter is the ideal social media platform for perpetually busy Executive Directors. The Twitter platform has a limit of 140 characters. This makes for short, concise, and pithy comments throughout an Executive Director’s work day. It is as simple as text messaging on a mobile phone. It is so similar that it makes tweeting from mobile devices a natural transition for most people. This way even if your Executive Director is constantly on the move from one meeting to another they can always use Twitter while on the road to share an insider’s in-depth insight and opinion on matters affecting the cause that they are championing day in and day out. A great example of an Executive Director who keeps us well informed about the daily happenings of her charity, People for Education, and what is going on in the world of public education via Twitter is Annie Kidder (@anniekidder). Learn from Annie’s example and get your Executive Director tweeting today!

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