Getting Started With The Google Ad Grant

team meeting planning

The Google Ad Grant program is a unique opportunity for nonprofit organizations to enter the world of digital advertising without blowing the marketing budget. Any qualifying nonprofit can advertise for free on Google’s platform, but many nonprofits jumping straight in suddenly find themselves in over their heads. If you’re getting started with the Google Ad Grant. Make […]

Quality Score: The Key Component You’re Missing

Measurement of quality score

What is Quality Score? Quality Score is Google’s metric that assesses the quality of a keyword as it relates to its relevance to the ad text and landing page. The higher your score, on a scale of 1-10, the more Google will reward you. Quality score is key in any Google Ad Grant account. Higher […]

The 4 Most Common Google Ad Disapprovals & How To Fix Them

Fixing the 4 most common ad disapprovals

With Google Grant Policies in place, it can feel like walking on eggshells waiting for something to go wrong in your Google Ad Grant account. We know how incredibly frustrating it can be to plan out a campaign, write the ad text and send it in for review, only to receive a disapproval email. What […]

The Infamous 5% CTR And How You Can Achieve It

If you have a Google Ad Grant account, you might be aware of the ever-changing Google Grant Policy. While the policy is generally beneficial for Grant accounts, there is one policy in particular that stands out from the rest – the 5% CTR minimum. All Google Ad Grants accounts must maintain a 5% click-through rate […]

Welcome To The Google Ad Grants Certified Professional Program

Google Grant Certified Professionals

Google Ad Grants changed significantly this year. To aid with the changes, Google announced the launch of their Google Ad Grants Certified Professional Program. We’re ecstatic to announce that we are recipients of this professional designation. What is the Google Ad Grants Certified Professional Program? The Ad Grants Certified Professionals Community supports Grantees by connecting […]

Google for Nonprofits Launched In Canada

Attention Canadian Charities and Nonprofits Great news everyone! Starting June 9, 2014, Google for Nonprofits is now available in Canada!! If you are not already aware, this suite of FREE Google tools and products can help charities and nonprofits better use the internet to achieve their missions. The Google for Nonprofits program includes Google Apps […]

5 Ways To Create Real Benefit Using Google Grants

A year ago I wrote a post about 5 Ways To Use Google Grants To Help Your Charity. In case you missed it, these 5 ways were to increase fundraising, event attendance, volunteering, education/awareness, and help for those who are searching for it. Now that it’s a year later, here are 5 more ways your […]

Grow Your Charity’s Social Media Using Google Grants

Google Grants is a versatile marketing tool that can help your charity in many ways, like increasing fundraising and awareness. As it turns out, your $10,000 per month can even grow your social media following. This works by bringing in relevant traffic using your Google ads and converting engaged users into followers. Here are some […]

5 Ways To Manage Google Grants More Efficiently Using AdWords Editor

Last week I wrote about whether you should upgrade your Google Grants to enhanced campaigns. I mentioned that a new version of AdWords Editor, Google’s software for AdWords management, was coming out that would let you upgrade all your campaigns in just a few clicks. Well, AdWords Editor 10.0.1 is out now and in honor […]

Google for Nonprofits: Providing the Tools for Change

  Google for Nonprofits offers eligible groups the opportunity to access several useful Google products that can help change the way nonprofits use the internet to achieve their goals. These online tools can help your organization find new donors, volunteers, and supporters. They can help make your work day and efforts more efficient and effective. […]