8 Tips To Boost Your End Of Year Giving Campaigns

end of year giving campaigns

For many nonprofits and charities across the world, end of year giving is the most important fundraising appeal of the year. But the 2020 giving season isn’t business as usual. As more campaigns go virtual and your nonprofit adapts to the new normal, the Google Ad Grant and other digital marketing channels will be more crucial […]

How To Optimize Nonprofit Landing Pages for More Conversions

Landing page optimization matters

Landing Page Optimization is marketing’s latest buzzword, and here’s why it matters for your nonprofit: Ad campaigns, Google Grant or otherwise, are the beginning of the journey and not the destination. While it’s exciting to get clicks and traffic, it’s important to keep the bigger picture in mind. An optimized landing page can be the […]

10 Things To Know About Google Ad Grant Management

Google Ad Grant Management

So you have successfully applied and have your Google Ad Grants – what could go wrong with $10,000 of free in-kind advertising on the world’s leading search platform? Learn what you need to know for effective Google Ad Grant Management. As a Google Certified team with many years of Google Ad Grant Management experience, here […]