Charitable organizations are always looking out for new and innovative ways to obtain and engage donors with the intention of increasing fundraising for their cause. Today, with the popularity of smartphones and tablets, people have easy access to the internet all of the time and apps have become synonymous with the widespread proliferation of these devices. Some of the most popular apps are gaming apps and gaming has become the latest channel for charities to reach potential donors by making donating simple and fun. For example, linking in-game actions with micro-donations.


1. The Nature of Gaming

Games have objectives, rules, structure, and rewards. There are winners. Gaining points, making allies, completing missions, levelling up, and recording achievements keep donors motivated to play the games. Every action taken in a game, no matter how mundane or monotonous, is rewarding in the long run as it somehow contributes to your road to victory. Now, the ability for in-game actions to generate funding for charities gives gamers an additional reward making them willing and active contributors.


2. Gaming Goes Viral

Games can spread quickly and become sensations overnight. Gaming is fun and because you are having fun you want to share it with others. You want your friends to play the game with you and with the popularity of social media it is easy for you to share your favourite games with your entire network. For example, for you to continue to progress in some games, you must invite a certain number of your friends to play the game as well.


3. Fun Factor

Games take the mundane out of fundraising. It’s all fun and games! Gaming makes contributing financially to charities exciting, straightforward, and enjoyable. Also, entertaining games make people want to return to play, share it with others, and continue giving to the charity.


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