Advances in computer technology and its ever-present existence in our lives has made technology increasingly relevant in people’s monetary contributions to charitable organizations. Approximately 20% of people have made a charitable donation online. Today, charitable donations from cell phones are becoming more and more common. 64% of American adults use text messaging and 9% of them have texted in a charitable donation using their mobile phone.


Mobile giving had a huge impact during the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake in 2010. The “Text to Haiti” mobile giving campaign has been studied and analyzed to determine its success and the behaviours of mobile donors. Individual donors donated an estimated $43 million to assist Haiti using text messages. These text message donations were found to be spur-of-the-moment donations that spread virally through networks of friends.


By the numbers:


– 73% contributed to the “Text to Haiti” campaign the same day they heard about the campaign.
– 76% contribute using text donations without further in-depth research before donating
– 43% recommended the “Text to Haiti” campaign to friends and family
– 56% continued to contribute using their mobile phones to different relief campaigns such as the Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief fund in 2011


The rapid spread of information and messages through people’s networks via mobile phones helps charitable groups engage and reach new donors with their compelling story. However, there is always the uncertainty whether or not these donor relationships can be maintained and sustained after the donation is texted in.


Source: Pew Internet


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