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5 Reasons Your Google Grant Application Was Disapproved

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The Google Ad Grants program is run by one of the biggest search engine giants and it’s pretty amazing! The grant offers nonprofits up to $10,000 per month in free ad spend on Google’s ad platform. We know that securing this grant isn’t always the easiest. The first hurdle is to get your nonprofit’s grant application approved by Google.

If you are struggling to get your nonprofit’s Google Ad Grant application approved to secure $10,000 a month in free ad spend, this article is for you.

Here are 5 potential reasons your Google Ad Grant application was disapproved.

1. You forgot to fill out the nonprofit survey

Google requires all nonprofits who apply to the grants program to fill out a pre-qualifying survey. The survey is pretty straight forward. It requires some simple details about your nonprofit, such as your charitable ID number and the main point of contact will be for the grant. While this is an easy step, if you miss it it will cost you your nonprofit’s application.

2. You entered your billing information in the set up process

Google’s prompts are fairly intuitive, there is one trick however. When Google prompts you for your nonprofit’s billing information, it’s important to leave this part blank. If you add billing information, Google automatically considers it a non-grant account. In other words, this one error will result in you creating a regular paid Google Ads account for your nonprofit. If you entered your billing information in this step, Google will not consider the final account for the Grant program and you’ll have to start your application over from scratch.

3. You don’t have Google Analytics

Google what? Google Analytics! This is a free, insightful tool that goes hand-in-hand with other G-Suite products. It tracks useful things on your website, like user behaviour. Google Analytics also helps your Google Ads account run by feeding it data. A lot of what goes into Google Ads is machine learning, so it is critical that your account is receiving feedback information from visitors to your website. If you don’t have Google Analytics set up on your website yet, this is a huge factor in attaining your Google Ads Grant. You can learn more about Google Analytics, here.

4. You don’t have your charitable ID number in the footer of your website

This may seem like a negligible detail. In fact, Google does not explicitly mention this in the ad grant application process. However, Google uses this information to verify that your nonprofit legitimately owns the website used for the application. Ensure that you have your nonprofit’s charitable ID number along with full contact details, in the footer of your website. In short, your nonprofit’s contact information must appear on every page of its website. Verify that you have these details on your website before submitting an application, or it will be disapproved before you can say “Hey, Google”.

5. You set up your first Google Ads campaign incorrectly

Finally, the last step to the ad grant application is to properly set up the first campaign within the Google Ads interface. Setting up a campaign is straightforward, but it requires careful attention to detail and compliance with the search engine’s advertisement policies. This means correctly setting geo-targeting, having mission-based ad copy, using conversion tracking and choosing the appropriate URL for ads. Once you publish the campaign (and double check and triple check you have set it up correctly), you will be in the clear to receive the Google Ads Grant stamp of approval.

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