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Grow your business by offering a dedicated Google Ad Grants management service

Why Work With Us?

Leverage Years Of Experience

Since 2010, we’ve been laser-focused on how to best use the Google Ad Grant to benefit nonprofits. All our best practices have come from working with nonprofits, and are designed for nonprofits.

Rely On Our Continuous Learning

Both Google Ads and the Google Ad Grant program are constantly evolving. We stay on top of the latest changes, and are always testing to discover the best way forward.

Get Discounted Rates

Good relationships are mutually beneficial. Our partners receive special, discounted rates because we know you play an important role in helping the nonprofit.

Shared Values

Our mission is to enable the nonprofits we work with to change the world. We believe that shared values play a big role in finding the right fit between partners, so that together we can achieve that mission. Here’s some of the values that are important to us.

Commitment To Helping Nonprofits & Creating Positive Change In The World
Preference For Open & Honest Communication, Even When It’s Hard
A Track Record Of Excellent Performance & Dedication To Customers

Some Of Our Trusted Partners

CharityHowTo is the premier online learning center for nonprofit professionals around the world. They run free and paid nonprofit webinars on topics like social media, grant writing, board management, fundraising, online fundraising, and much more.

ConnectAd has been an integrated partner with CharityHowTo since 2012. Together, we’ve delivered webinars for thousands of nonprofit professionals, and also collaborate on the All-In-One Google Grants Service.

If you’re an agency or company looking to work together to offer a Google Ad Grants management service for your clients, we’d love to chat!

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