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Our Origin Story

In 2009, ConnectAd founder Simon Choy found a summer job in the digital marketing industry where he learned about managing Google AdWords. His work with for-profit companies gave him an appreciation for how complicated campaigns could get.

Later that summer, he discovered the Google Grants program, but was surprised to find out that nobody was out there helping nonprofits. Agencies serving for-profit companies were everywhere, but why wasn’t anyone assisting nonprofits in taking advantage of $10,000 per month in free ads?

Always having had a passion for social enterprise, he decided to be that person and opened ConnectAd in 2010 with the mission of helping nonprofits. Since then, ConnectAd has remain committed to only working with nonprofits, managing their Google Grants. We proud to say we’ve helped almost 200 nonprofits get their Google Ad Grant. Using the grant, we’ve generated over 50 million dollars in ads and 1.8 billion ad impressions!

Our Team

Meet our friendly and passionate team of nonprofit digital marketing experts!


Simon Choy

Founder & CEO


David Ries

Growth Manager


Steph Vesely

Director of Paid Media


Cindy Lee

Senior Account Manager


Emily Brown

Senior Account Manager


Stella Tran

Senior Account Manager


Ilia Khairetdinov

Growth Specialist


Annie Hinan

Account Manager


Claire Frizelle

Account Manager

Meryl Gosch

Meryl Gosch

Account Manager


Emily Bowers

Account Manager


Nathaniel Roizen

Digital Marketing Analyst


Amparo Wu

Digital Marketing Analyst


Jenna Bucholtz

Account Manager

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